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serves 4

Boeuf au curry rendang cacahutes v3


140ml coconut milk
2 fresh red chillies, sliced
500g rump steak, cut into cubes
100g rendang curry paste
1tsp turmeric powder (optional)
1tbsp soy sauce
1tbsp brown sugar
80g roasted peanuts, ground





2 hard-boiled eggs cut into wedges
Some Italian basil



1. Pour half the coconut milk into a pan, cook over medium heat.
2. Add chillies cook for a while.
3. Add steak, keep stirring till cook.
4. Stir in rending curry paste, turmeric powder, soy sauce, and sugar, mix weel.
5. Cook for 2-3 minutes until the mixture is fragrant and thoroughly blended.
6. Gradually add the remaining coconut milk, stirring constantly.
7. Bring back to the boil.
8. The turn to low heat, continue to cook until the steak is tender.
9. Add peanuts, stirring constantly for until most of the liquid has evaporated.
10. Scoop out into a desire dish.
11. Garnish with egg wedges and basil.

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